Sep 28, 2010

Day 1

Well, it's day 1... just got my domain last night & already have it tied into google apps. is kick-butt.  I highly recommend it to any mid-sized company to home-user person who wants to setup a domain.  I only ran into one small bug when setting up some DNS records, but I suspect it will be resolved quickly.  (not really that important anyway)
My goals for creating this site... is to have a repository I can dump random information that I may want to share with friends/family/random people in chat-channels... as a reference to take "enterprise-grade" technologies and make them more accessable to small-businesses.  (Technologies like clustering/HA of nearly all types, SANs, redundancies, Virtual Servers, etc...) as well as random tidbits that I've picked up along the way.  (I dabble in nearly everything "computing" related)
To start with... I am not a respector of brands.  I won't ever buy something simply because it's the "next" in the series from that manufacturer.  There are brands of products I've tested and been very disappointed with, and that may influence future purchases... but who wouldn't be influenced?  I am not necessirily loyal to Microsoft or any flavor of *nix.  I feel that each has their place in the world... sometimes one is better for the task than the others.  Because I don't prefer one solution or another, does not invalidate the option... but like all people in this world... I do have opinions too.  I can also appreciate the value of the mighty dollar.  Not everyone in the world has a bottomless pit of money to draw from... wait... who besides Bill-Gates does?
Anyhow... this is becoming a long & boring blog... so on that note... lets move on to something more interesting.

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